PCG: In view of the PCG’s intensified campaign in Maritime Law Enforcement, the composite team from Coast Guard District National Capital Region- Central Luzon (CGDNCR-CL), Field Station NCR-CL, Support Operations Force (SOF) and Coast Guard Station Cavite conducted a maritime security patrol at the waters of Cavite to curb the reported numerous illegal and destructive fishing activity thereat, resulting to the apprehension of a total of twenty eight (28) fishermen in the provinces of Naic and Ternate.

On October 21, two (2) fishermen onboard were seen conducting blast fishing operations. There were no fishing gears recovered from their motorbanca but fish catch was found onboard and believed to be caught through blast fishing.

The arrested fishermen were identified as Nico Boyore Pacamparra, 19 years old and Ruel Miano Bayore, 23 years old - both residents of Ternate, Cavite.

While underway to Coast Guard Sub-Station Naic, the team spotted another motorbanca at vicinity waters off Freedomville, Naic, Cavite with four (4) fishermen onboard attempting to conduct fishing using prohibited fishing gear (Compressor).

The team then arrested the said individuals namely; Larry Oben Denzo, William Reyes Parena, Joseph Marsie Curry and Lito Avila Clores.

Upon conducting proper documentation, Coast Guard Substation Naic filed cases against apprehended illegal fishers for violating RA 10654 Section 92 Paragraph A (Blast Fishing) and E (using prohibited fishing gears) or the “Act to Prevent, Deter and Eliminate Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing”.

In another incident on October 22 (Sunday), another group was sighted and subsequently apprehended for conducting illegal fishing at vicinity waters approximately 800 meters off Ternate, Cavite.

At 12:35 PM of the same day, while the PCG composite team was conducting sea patrol operations, they spotted and subsequently boarded fishing banca “Justine-N” of 63.40 Gross Tonnage, owned by a certain Mr. Elecar E Im and with 22 crewmembers onboard. Said fishing vessel was skippered by Ramil G Panis.

Upon inspection, it was found out that the fishermen was using Danish Seine fishing or the “Hulbot-Hulbot” style which is a clear violation of Section 92 of RA 8550 also known as the Fisheries Code of the Philippines.

Further inspection revealed that all the vessel’s documents were already expired and no clearance to depart was secured from Coast Guard Sub-Station Navotas.

The Coast Guard instructed the skipper to immediately retrieve their fishing nets. Subsequently, all twenty two crew including the fishing banca were escorted to BFAR Impounding Area at Sangley Point, Cavite City.

The BFAR and PCG will conduct a joint inventory of F/B “Justine-N” and her fish catch prior to filing of appropriate charges.

Meanwhile, Coast Guard warns the local fisher folks to refrain from engaging in illegal fishing activities and encourages everyone to cooperate with the authorities by reporting information of any nefarious activities in order to ensure and maintain maritime safety and security.