PCG: A number of alumni reconnected with their fellow officers from different classes of Coast Guard Officers’ Course (CGOC) who recently attended the annual alumni homecoming held at Coast Guard Officers’ Basic Education and Training Center (CGOBETC) in Bagac, Bataan last Saturday, 28 October 2017.

The second alumni homecoming was anchored with a theme of “Many yet one: CGOC Strength in Diversity” led by the CGOC Class “Matatag” 02-2001, the host class of this year’s homecoming headed by Lieutenant Commander Geronimo Tuvilla PCG, the President of the CGOC Alumni Association (CGOCAA) 2017.

An arrival honor was rendered to Captain Allan O Corpuz PCG, the Guest of Honor and Speaker by the Candidate Coast Guard Officers of CGOC “Kalasag-Tagumpay” Class 21-2016 (Bravo). CAPT CORPUZ PCG is a graduate of the Philippine Military Academy “Sambisig” Class of 1991 and the Director of the Coast Guard Action Center. The event was also attended by Captain Angel V Lobaton IV PCG, the Course Director of the first class of CGOC; Superintendent Donato R Bait, Deputy Provincial Director of Bataan Provincial Police Office (PPO); and Superintendent Romell Velasco, Commander of Bataan PPO-Police Public Safety Company.

Among the highlights of the event include the ecumenical service, open house and silent drill performance by the members of CGOC Class 21-2016. The alumni also marched at the hallow grounds of NPC Nuclear Power Village Parade Grounds in participation to the “Traditional Parade of Classes”. During the ceremony,selected PCG officers were also given the following awards: Commander Stephen Simangan PCG of CGOC Class 10-2009 as the oldest alumnus, Ensign Kris Bernadette Cuizon PCG of CGOC Class 21-2016 (Alpha) as the youngest alumnus, and CGOC Class 01-2000 as the most numbered class. 

Subsequently, the President and Treasurer delivered their report, followed by a hand-over of the ceremonial key, and concluded the activity by an election and induction of CGOAA officers for 2018.

At present, the CGOC has already produced over 700 alumni since its establishment in 2000. About 250 others graduated from allied service academies such as the US Coast Guard Academy, Philippine Military Academy, Philippine Merchant Marine Academy and Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific. Overall, about 80% of the population of the officers corps of the Philippine Coast Guard is composed of graduates from CGOC. Likewise, eight CGOC classes have already graduated at CGOBETC as their alma mater.

The next alumni homecoming next year will be hosted by the CGOC “Tanglaw-Dagat” Class 03-2004.