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PCG: Personnel of Coast Guard Sub-Station (CGSS) Estancia rescued 8 persons from capsized motor banca at vicinity waters off Bulobadiang Islet, Estancia Iloilo yesterday, November 8.

A certain Mr Leo Logronio informed CGSS Estancia that an unnamed Mbca capsized at the vicinity waters off Bulobadiang Islet, Estancia Iloilo. 

CGSS Estancia immediately dispatched its Deployable Response Team (DRT) onboard MBCA Hyacinth for Search and Rescue (SAR) operation enroute to the said location. 

At 4:40 P.M, the team successfully rescued eight (8) people clinging on the capsized motor banca.  Said survivors were immediately transferred to Rescue Boat MBCA Hyacinth, while their half-submerge motor banca were towed to Estancia Feeded Port.

Initial inquiry revealed that the survivors departed Brgy Talingling, Carles at 04:00 PM the same date onboard an unnamed motor banca painted with white and blue color when they encountered strong winds and big waves that caused their motor banca to capsize. 

Upon arrival at Estancia Feeded Port, the said survivors were brought to Don Colmenares District Hospital at Brgy Malbog Balasan Iloilo for Medical attention.

The five (5) survivors remained at Don Colmenares District Hospital for confinement while the three (3) others were allowed to go home.