PCG: Personnel of CGS Camarines is still on search for eleven (11) fishermen onboard three (3) separate motorbancas who were reported missing last November 08.

According to Brgy. Kagawad Exequel A Zuniga Sr., resident of Brgy 4 Mercedes, Camarines Norte, the 3 motorbancas departed last November 08 at 9am for a fishing venture at vicinity waters off Brgy Butauanan Island , Siruma Camarines Sur but failed to return home since.

CGS Camarines Norte immediately responded to the incident and coordinated with Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction Management (MDRRMO) Siruma, CGS Cam Sur, and CGS Tamban for the possible conduct of Search and Rescue (SAR) operation.

The reported missing fishermen were identified as follows:

Mbca “Two sister”

1. Joey Todenio

2. George Lamadrid

3. Leonardo Ballon

Mbca “Kim”

1. Virgilio Borja

2. Roedlio Manzana

3. Erly De Castro

4. Rodolfo Manzana Jr.

“Unnamed Mbca”(light Blue)

1. Joey Ongog

2. Raymond Ablao

3. Jonathan Arcilla

4. Joseph Ferrer

CGS Camarines Norte has already advised all watercrafts transiting the area to be on the look-out of the said missing motorbancas and crew and to report immediately to the nearest Coast Guard Station if sighted.