PCG: Four passengers and crew were successfully rescued off a distressed boat by personnel of Coast Guard Station (CGS) Culion after their motor banca went dead on water at vicinity off Kalo Island in Culion, Palawan last November 10.

Accordingly to the reports reaching the Coast Guard Action Center in Manila, the motorbanca departed Barangay Libis, Culion at 4:30PM on the same date enroute to Barangay Salvacion, Busuanga, Palawan. While said motorbanca was transiting at the vicinity waters off Kalo Island, the vessel accidentally hit a floating log which damaged her propeller and caused her to go dead on water. The boat captain tried to fix her propeller but to no avail and decided to contact Raiza Amorez, and employee of Rural Health Unit (RHU) Salvacion to requesting for rescue assistance.

Immediately, search and rescue team of CGS Culion conducted search and rescue operations and sighted said motor banca at the vicinity waters off Kalo Island. The SAR team then rendered assistance to the passengers namely Anuel Mesa (34 y.o.), owner and operator of the banca; Carmencita Mayo (57 y.o.); Felyn Mesa (29 y.o.); and Ms Rizma Keith Maso (26 y.o.); all residents of Barangay Salvacion, Busuanga, Palawan.

The motor banca was safely towed to Culion Port at Barangay Balala with all passengers in good condition.