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Coast Guard Station (CGS) Camarines Norte retrieved two (2) cadavers and still searching for one (1) missing child who drowned and went missing at the vicinity waters off Pandawan Fishport, Mercedes Camarines Norte last Wednesday, November 15.

A certain “Alvin” of Barangay 5, Mercedes Camarines Norte reported to CGS Camarines Norte that he heard a man who was identified as Mr. Jerry Siera, shouting and seeking for help to save his children who were drowning at the vicinity waters off Daet Mercedes River Camarines Norte. Mr Siera admitted that he was allegedly under the influence of liquor when the incident happened.

Information gathered revealed that about 4 PM, Mr Siera along with his three (3) children decided to return home by walking along the river bank of Daet Mercedes River. However, at 8 PM they decided to cross into the river. While crossing, they encountered a strong current where his children were dragged by flowing water to unknown part of the river.

At 08:10 PM. CGS Camarines Norte, together with PNP MARIG, PDRRMO, MDRRMO Mercedes and fishermen onboard hired motorbanca and jointly conducted Search and Rescue (SAR) Operations on the said vicinity. The SAR operations terminated at 10:40 PM and will continue the following day.

About 05:45 AM the next day, a concerned citizen reported to the office of PNP MARIG that they spotted one (1) dead body at the vicinity shoreline of Brgy. San Roque, Mercedes Camarines Norte. Immediately, the team together with Mr and Mrs Siera proceeded to said area and retrieved the cadaver who was positively identified as their son, James H Siera.

At 12:11 PM of November 16, Mr Jude Alvin S Hernandez, MDRRM Officer of Mercedes reported to CGS Camarines Norte that one resident of Brgy. 6 retrieved one (1) body of a child. The lifeless body was positively identified as Jomel H Siera by his family. The body was brought to Funeral Orsena for proper disposition.

Meanwhile, the team is still searching for the one (1) missing child as of this moment.