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PCG: Three passengers of a motor banca “Habagat Romeo” are still missing while two were recovered dead when it capsized due to strong current and big waves at the vicinity waters off Tulang Point, Barangay Esperanza, San Francisco, Camotes, Cebu yesterday, 06 February.

Initial reports revealed that said motor banca with 34 passengers onboard including its crew departed Carmen, Cebu City bound for Consuelo, San Francisco, Camotes Island when the incident transpired. 

Upon receipt of the report, BRP Capones (MRRV-4404) immediately departed Pier 1, Aduana Wharf, Cebu City and conducted search and rescue operations at the said incident area. 

Meanwhile, a passing motor vessel “Light Ferry-27” skippered by Captain Herardo Legados and was reported two miles away from the capsized motorbanca when the incident happened, rescued 29 passengers together with BRP Capones.

One casualty was recovered by the PCG Special Operations Force divers identified as Neriza Gonzaga who was around 30-to-40 years old while the other casualty was identified as Althea Gonzaga, a 2 year-old baby.

Among the list of survivors were:

1. Capt Romar Hermosilla, 51y/o

2. Jordan Gonzaga, 18y/o

3. Edward Jayme, 16y/o

4. Rowena Peroso, 29y/o

5. Margie Gonzaga, 24y/o

6. Jucemar Gonzaga, 12y/o

7. Sherlie Miao, 49y/o

8. Mark Gonzaga, 16y/o

9. Judith Palomar, 47y/o

10. Bonifacia Gonzaga, 57y/o

11. Jeylo Palomar, 13y/o

12. Vitaliana Sampan, 77y/o

13. Angelica de Leon, 13y/o

14. Danny de Leon Sr., 45y/o

15. Elena Sumalinog, 50y/o

16. Mariane Gonzaga, 14y/o

17. Ma. Medesa Gonzaga, 47y/o

18. Josie Gonzaga, 51y/o

19. Anidita Formitira, 55y/o

20. Milagrosa Otida, 62y/o

21. Jhon Lee Mark Gonzaga, 5y/o

22. Crisalyn Peraso, 11y/o

23. Danniel de Leon, 5y/o

24. Danny de Leon Jr., 9y/o

25. Mary Jane Gonzaga, 10y/o

26. Jinky Palomar, 6y/o

27. Ritchiel Mea Soralta, 9y/o

28. Princess Farrah Andrade, 3months 

29. James Ivan Gonzaga, 2y/o

Moreover, BRP Capones is still conducting SAR operations for the three missing children namely: Carel Palomar, 9 years old; Kiven Gonzaga, 4 years old; and Andia de Leon, 2 years old.