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PCG: Personnel of Coast Guard Sub-Station (CGSS) Estancia rescued six fishermen from the capsized Fishing banca Ajekhim 08-01 at vicinity waters off Calebra Island, Batad, Iloilo last February 13, 2018.

Mr. Alberto Consolacion, the owner of the F/bca, informed CGSS Estancia that his fishing banca capsized at the said vicinity with six fishermen onboard.

Immediately, CGSS Estancia dispatched its Deployable Response Team (DRT) to conduct a search and rescue operation. They scoured the vicinity waters of Sicogon and Culebra Island in search of the distressed fishing banca. The team sighted F/bca Ajekhim 08-01 half submerged at approximately three nautical miles of Culebra Island with six fishermen onboard.

The rescue team transferred all six fishermen onboard their rescue boat and towed the distressed fishing banca to the shoreline of Estancia. Due to the unfavorable weather condition caused by Tropical Storm Basyang, the towing operation was not carried out successfully. The team decided to leave the distressed fishing banca behind and continued their voyage to Estancia and secured at Brgy Pan.on, Anchorage Area with the rescued fishermen in good physical condition.

Inquiry conducted to the six fishermen revealed that they went on fishing venture last February 10 at Visayan Sea and during that time there was no storm signal yet. On February 11 their fishing banca was battered by big waves and strong winds due to the incoming storm causing it to capsize.

The following are the names of rescued fishermen, all residents of Brgy Bito-on, Carles, Iloilo: Antonio Chavez (Boat Captain), 31 year old; Romel Refil (MDM), 32 year old; Brando Dejusco, 35 year old; Allin Duga, 21 year old; Gerel Bungcad, 21 year old; and Ricardo Ignacio, 44 year old.