PCG: Operating units from Coast Guard Station Bataan, Coast Guard Intelligence Force, Coast Guard K9 force, Coast Guard Special Operation Force, Coast Guard Legal Service and Student-Lawyers from the Coast Guard Education and Training Command seized illegal paraphernalias as a result of a raid operations at Brgy Lamao, Limay, Bataan yesterday, March 28.

The team confiscated assembled improvised explosives, amonium nitrate, time fuse, blasting caps. They also apprehended five persons who were alleged to be engaged in manufacturing and storage of said explosive components and who were identified as follows:

           Analyn Leola San Miguel, 37 years old

           Oliver San Miguel, 35 years old

           Arthur Paguio, 44 years old

           Teresita Macapagal, 66 years old

           Marife Dela Cruz, 24 years old

The team is presently continuously conducting accounting and documentation of the evidences at the Coast Guard Station Bataan. Meanwhile, the suspects were subjected to a medical examination and are presently under the custody of the PCG while awaiting the filing of appropriate charges.