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PCG: Coast Guard Station El Nido personnel together with Diesel Fast (DF) 332 personnel immediately organized SAR team and departed El Nido Pier onboard F/bca “North Wind” proceeded to aforementioned area to conduct SAR operations yesterday April 8.

PCG SAR team arrived at vicinity waters off hidden beach, El Nido, Palawan and quickly spotted M/bca "tame boy" which was already in submerged. The team approach the distressed boat for any survivors but no persons has found inside.

Four (4) personnel of SAR team managed to swim going to the shoreline of hidden beach and look for possible sightings of the passengers and crew of the distressed M/bca.

PCG SAR team found the (10) passengers and its four (4) crews stranded inside the said beach and all are in good physical condition.

Hence, said team started the transfer of first four (4) passengers onboard F/bca “north wind” while the remaining ten (10) other survivors were transferred onboard a loaned speedboat S/b “Excaliber” and proceeded to El Nido Pier, Palawan.

During the interrogation made with the boat captain, accordingly M/bca “Tameboy” while approaching hidden beach, the boat crew dropped its anchor due to rough sea condition, the anchor line was cut that made the boat to drift near the rocky shore and eventually went submerged. Its passengers and crews managed to swim to the shore and stranded thereat until the SAR team arrives.