PCG: Coast Guard Sub-Station (CGSS) Narra successfully retrieved the cadaver of Lanie Bunzalida, 30-year-old resident of Brgy. Antipulan, Narra was who drowned at vicinity waters off Quarry Area of Maricel Bangayan Line 3 Malatgao River, Narra, Palawan last Monday, 14 May 2018.

Initial investigation revealed that the non-swimmer victim, Ms. Bunzalida was allegedly under the influence of liquor when she went to Malatgao River to swim together with her friends, Michelle Corpuz, Rosario Erolyn, and Salvacion Nuñez - all residents of Brgy. Taritien, Narra. Subsequently, the victim accidentally slipped and fell into the water and was dragged by strong river current that caused her to drown. Her companions tried to search the area but failed to locate the victim so they decided to report the incident to Mr. Roman Blando, the caretaker of said quarry area.

CGSS Narra Emergency Unit (NERU) under Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office (MDRRMO) headed by Mr. Raymundo Dela Rosa proceeded to the said area to conduct Search and Rescue (SAR) operation but yielded negative result due to strong river current, darkness, and zero visibility underwater.

Continuing the SAR operation the following day, 15 May 2018, the team found the cadaver of Ms. Lanie Bunzalida at the vicinity waters of Malatgao River and subsequently brought her to Padilla Funeral Home for proper disposition.