Several awards were conferred to personnel and units to give due recognition to their exemplary contribution to the service as the Coast Guard Surface Support Force (CGSSF) celebrated its 11th founding anniversary yesterday, 07 September.

The awarding ceremony was led by Commodore Joseph B Badajos PCG together with Philippine Coast Guard Deputy Commandant for Operations, Rear Admiral Rolando D Legaspi PCG as the Guest of Honor at its headquarters at Pier 13, South Harbor, Port Area, Manila.

The multi-role response vessel of the year was awarded to Barko ng Republika ng Pilipinas, BRP Malabrigo (MRRV-4402). Meanwhile, Monitoring Control and Surveillance (MCS) of the year was awarded to MCS-3007. The awards were received by Captain Charlie Q Rances PCG and Commander Antonio B Sontillanosa PCG, the Commanding Officer of the respective vessels.

Small craft of the year was awarded to Diesel Fast 314 and was received by its Boat Captain Chief Petty Officer Ferdinand C Manaay PCG. Petty Officer Third Class Vidasto T Palero PCG was awarded as unit 's non-officer of the year.

Ten PCG non-officers were also recognized for successfully hurdling their shipboard duties as Boat Captain to PCG small crafts. The awardees were: Master Chief Petty Officer Dante P Vargas PCG, Chief Petty Officer Jerson A De Taza PCG, Chief Petty Officer Benildo A Incognito PCG, Chief Petty Officer Ritchbel H Hiñola PCG, Chief Petty Officer Nicanor T Tabios PCG, Chief Petty Officer Dominico C Alum PCG, Chief Petty Officer Sany E Lorenzo PCG, Petty Officer First Class Lyndon P Remos PCG, Petty Officer First Class Noel R Fabros PCG and Petty Officer First Class Ivan B Montinola PCG.

Commodore Allen T Toribio PCG, Captain Normando D Reyes PCG, Captain Allan Victor T Dela Vega PCG, and Commander Dexter V Torres PCG were recipients of Command at Sea badge for successfully completing their shipboard duties as Commanding Officer’s billet.

Moreover, certificates of appreciation were given to a number of civilians and private partners for their continued support to the Command over the year.

CGSSF maintains the readiness of PCG's water assets deployed in this country's maritime domain.