PCG: Elements of Coast Guard Sub-Station (CGSS) Vitas is still searching for a 10-years-old boy who was reported missing since September 14 after he was swept by a strong surge of water in a creek in Quezon City during the height of Typhoon Ompong.

The missing victim is identified as Anthony R Agcopra, eleven (11) years old with an estimated height of four (4) feet, is a resident of 212 Ermin Garcia Street, Barangay Silangan.

According to Nolie Agcopra, the victim’s father, Anthony was last seen wearing green sando shirt and yellow jersey shorts and playing with his friends near Buwayang or Lagarian creek at said barangay on 14 September 2018 around 5-6PM. After two hours, Anthony’s father was searching for the victim and was able to interrogate the other playmates of the victim. Further inquiry revealed that the victim together with his two friends saw a ball at the creek that prompted him and one of his friend to jump to the water. However, only the other child was able to cling when the strong stream surged on the creek while Anthony was unable to cling onto something leaving him swept into the deeper portion of water.

Ms. Jonelyn Carbonell, a member of Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office in Quezon City who conducted assessment at said barangay and learned about the incident involving Anthony and immediately coordinated with Coast Guard Station (CGS) Manila.

Upon receipt of information, CGSS Vista proceed to the Barangay Hall of Silang, Quezon City and coordinate to Ms. Janeth Lumogda, 35 years old, the step-mother of the victim. Thereafter, personnel of CGSS Vista proceed to the incident area, together with the Kagawad Bong Villarba, Barangay Kagawad and the parents of the child to conduct search and retrieval (SAR) Operation. Upon arrival thereat, the team conducted surface search along the creek but yielded negative result.

CGSS Vista further advised the Local Government Unit (LGU's) nearby barangays to be on the lookout on the said missing boy and to report immediately to the nearest station if sighted.