PCG: A total of 63 Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) officers successfully graduated today during their commencement exercise while 136 new officer candidates swore in before the PCG Commandant as aspiring officers of the service yesterday, October 22 at the PCG national headquarters.

The PCG Commandant, Admiral Elson E Hermogino presided the joint oath-taking ceremony of Coast Guard Officers' Course (CGOC) Class 23-2018 and the graduation ceremony of CGOC Class 22-2017.

A total of 136 trainees took their oath before the Commandant as members of Candidate Coast Guard Officer’s Course Class 23-2018.

The trainees are categorized into “Alpha”, ”Bravo” and ”Charlie” class.

The “Alpha” class consists of cadets who already graduated under the cadetship program with the Philippine Merchant Marine Academy (PMMA) and the Maritime Academy of Asia Pacific (MAAP). Meanwhile, the “Bravo” class is dominantly composed of civilian applicants and former enlisted personnel of the PCG. On the other hand, officer candidates under this year's “Charlie” class are composed of the following: doctor, lawyer, psychologist, physical therapist and a nurse.

Said candidates will undergo a semi-regimental training at Coast Guard Officers' Basic Education and Training Center (CGOBETC) in Bagac, Bataan in order to instill discipline and to transform their civilian mindset to abide with the time-honored Coast Guard traditions and standards.

Subsequently, a commencement ceremony of CGOC “Gat Masaligan” Class of 22-2017 “Bravo” composed of 63 strong members have successfully completed their 11 months training at CGOBETC. Said officers will be assigned to various Coast Guard units to help implement and perform the mandates of the PCG as the lead maritime agency in the country.