PCG: Personnel of Multi Role Response Vessel (MRRV) 4404 (BRP Capones) together with Special Operations Unit, Medical Team and Diesel Fast (DF) 318 rescued  69 passengers and six crew of motorboat “Meme 5” at vicinity waters off Gilutungan, Cordova in Cebu around 7:30 this morning, October 30.

The distressed motorboat departed Cordova Port bound to Getafe, Bohol around 7am of the same date.

Upon receipt of the information, Coast Guard Sub-Station Mandaue immediately coordinated with other motorboats in the area for Search and Rescue Operations.

As per investigation, the distressed motorboat encountered engine trouble and its hull incurred damaged resulting it to half submerged.

All passengers were transferred to MRRV 4404 and brought back to Cordova Port in good physical condition.