PCG: A total of seven fishing boats were apprehended by the joint efforts of Philippine Coast Guard personnel from National Capital Region Central-Luzon, Special Operations Force and Intelligence Force in the waters off Cavite, Caballo Island, Bataan and Manila from 17-25 October.

The seven fishing boats together with 62 individuals were apprehended for violations of the fishery code and local fishing ordinance on the following: Illegal fishing thru the use of fine mesh net; Active gears within Municipal waters; Leaving port without PCG clearance; Expired and incomplete documents; No commercial fishing license; No minimum manning Certificate of Public Convenience; No tonnage certificate; No exemption certificate; Unlicensed boat captain; No fishing vessel safety certificate; No engineman on board; and juvenile fish catch.

Coast Guard Stations Cavite and Bataan have filed PCG administrative cases in violations of PCG Memo Circulars Number 07-12 dtd 24 August 2012 for Leaving port without PCG clearance and HPCG Memo Circular Number 05-12 dated 24 August 2018 for Failure to accomplish Master's Declaration of Safety Departure), as well as violation to Local Ordinance No. 22 Series of 2003 Section 2 (Prohibited fishing methods and Practices include the taking of fish and aquatic products using use of air compressor or fine mesh net within municipal waters).

All of the apprehended fishing boats have settled their corresponding penalties with the respective Coast Guard Stations. Likewise, local courts in the area adjudicated the fishing boats and were advised to settle their violations.

After settling their fines, the apprehended fishing boats were subsequently turned over to their respective owners and were advised to acquire necessary fishing permits from Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources and Marina.