PCG: Two fishing boats were seized by the Philippine Coast Guard composed of personnel from the Coast Guard Operations Force, Field Station National Capital Region Central Luzon and Coast Guard Sub-Station Naic for illegal fishing at vicinity waters off Puerto Azul, Ternate, Cavite last Monday, October 29.

The fishing boats were reportedly conducting an illegal fishing method called “Danish Seine” or locally known as “hulbot-hulbot”.

Danish Seine is a fishing method often used in commercial fishing which is strictly banned in the Philippine waters because its tendency of destroying and damaging the coral reefs, sea grass beds, and other fishery marine life habitats pursuant to Section 92 of Republic Act 8550 (The Fisheries Code of the Philippines).

The team immediately proceeded in the area and apprehended the fishing boats “Kat-Kat-R” and “Elley P” together with the 46 crew.

Meanwhile, more or less 50 basins of fishes were confiscated and were turned-over to the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR).

Both boat operators will also be charged for violating the fisheries code and PCG law for unauthorized fishing; obstruction to Fishery Law Enforcement Officer; used of unlicensed gear; employing unlicensed fisher folks; ban on methods and gear destructive to coral reefs and other marine habitat; failure to accomplish Masters Declaration of Safe Departure; and leaving port without PCG clearance.

Last week, the PCG also apprehended seven fishing boats for the same violations.