PCG:  Passing Motorbanca “Brent” successfully rescued ten (10) Chinese tourists onboard Mbca Isla de Fuego after said passenger motorbanca capsized at vicinity waters off Panglao Island on December 8, 2015. 

The incident was reported to Coast Guard Station Tagbilaran by the Tourist Police Panglao at 6:30 pm of December 8.

Mbca Isla de Fuego is owned by a certain Atty. Opay and is skippered by Mark Lee Rosales together with his boat man, Leebert Bomongcag. Both were known to be residents of Bitaog, Enrique Villanueva, Siquijor.

The Chinese passengers were luckily rescued by Mbca Brent at 4:45 pm of the same day. The victims were then brought to Panglao Regent Hotel and Cliff Side Resort where they were booked at.

Initial inquiry conducted to one of the boat’s crew disclosed that they departed Port of Enrique Villanueva at 12 noon of the same day enroute to Panglao Island. While transiting at said island, they suddenly encountered big waves and strong wind which caused their motorbanca to capsize.

Meanwhile, Mbca Isla de Fuego was issued a Maritime Violation Receipt (MVR) for operating without any pertinent documents onboard. Said motorbanca was anchored and detained at 100 meters off Blue Waters Resort Beach Front.

The 10 rescued Chinese tourists were identified as follows:


1. Yang  Xiao Yan 45

2. Xin Yi 28

3. Zhou Lee 25

4. Xu Ming Yu 42

5. Xin Li Yu 50

6. You Yun Xian 52

7. Du Hui Zeng 50

8. Mao Zhi Qian 51

9. Wang Lei 39

10. Shao Dan 35

No casualties or injuries were reported from the said incident.