This is Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) Commandant, CG Vice Admiral Leopoldo V Laroya during the opening ceremony of the 22nd National Maritime Week celebration yesterday, 20 September 2021.

As the host for this year’s celebration, the PCG intends to recognize the significant role of the maritime sector in the country’s maritime security, maritime safety, and marine environmental protection.

In his remarks, Coast Guard Commandant assured maritime stakeholders that the MODERN PCG is more than ready and prepared to face the challenges of the global pandemic and other threats to navigation in the vast exclusive economic zone of the Philippines.

“The government, through the DOTr, has been UNCEASINGLY MODERNIZING the Philippine Coast Guard. We can now boast that our PCG is equipped with response vessels that can assist during search and rescue operations, and during maritime safety and security patrol operations,” CG Vice Admiral Laroya shared.

“I hope that somehow, it gives a BOOST TO THE CONFIDENCE OF OUR SEAFARERS AND PARTNERS IN THE SHIPPING INDUSTRY, especially when navigating our waters. We are continuously MODERNIZING AND AUGMENTING OUR FORCES to ensure that we got the nation’s seas and ports WELL COVERED FROM EVOLVING MARITIME THREATS. You can count that your SAFETY AND SECURITY are our utmost priorities,” the Coast Guard Commandant furthered.

Moreover, CG Vice Admiral Laroya urged maritime stakeholders to continuously work together in fighting COVID-19 for the benefit of the entire maritime community.

“It is important that we FORM A STRONGER BOND to weather the storm. The government, with the PCG, is continuously taking proactive measures to further strengthen the maritime industry,” the PCG Commandant stated.

“Our voyage will not stop just because the sea is rough. Instead, we build a greener and better ship to rise above the storm,” he expressed.