This is the remark of Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) Commandant, CG Vice Admiral Leopoldo V Laroya to the newly-appointed PCG non-officers, newly-appointed PCG officers via Recall to Active Uniformed Service (RAUS), and newly-commissioned PCG officers today, 23 September 2021.

Addressing the newly-appointed non-officers, composed of 11 athletes, CG Vice Admiral Laroya directed them to take part in improving the overall well-being of PCG personnel, especially amid the global pandemic.

“You are selected for a specific purpose so we hope that you will do your job well in enhancing the physical well-being of our personnel and teach them as well some combative sports for their self-defense, especially so that we are a law enforcement agency,” the Coast Guard Commandant added.

Moreover, the PCG has approved the appointment of four lateral entry applicants who were recalled to active uniformed service – one with the rank of Captain, two with the rank of Lieutenant, and one with the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.

CG Vice Admiral Laroya challenged them to immediately learn what the PCG is they could effectively contribute to the performance of its mandates.

“You are selected for a specific purpose as well because the Command has decided that you possess the necessary skills to help the PCG. While different branches of the uniform service share the same objective of upholding national security, the PCG has peculiar functions you have to learn, specifically maritime safety and marine environmental protection,” the Coast Guard Commandant expressed.

After several months of training, a total of 282 PCG officers with the rank of Probationary Ensign were commissioned as regular Ensign. CG Vice Admiral Laroya congratulated them and urged them to maximize learning opportunities in their respective offices or units.

“We do expect now that you are regular ensigns that you will perform well what you learned from the training. Being the most junior officers in the PCG, you are our workforces so ensure that you do your job well,” the Coast Guard Commandant furthered.

To conclude his message, CG Vice Admiral Laroya reminded the concerned PCG officers and non-officers to serve the general public with humility as the PCG is a public service organization.

“Remember our motto – P for patriotism, C for compassion, and G for fear of God. Remember it by heart. I hope you will serve the country well for you are the future of the Coast Guard,” the Coast Guard Commandant ended.