PCG: Joint graduation ceremony for 131 students of Explosive Ordnance Disposal Course (EODC) Class 03-2018, Coast Guard Counter Terrorism Course (CGCTC) CL 10-2018, Technical Wreck Penetration Course (TWPC) CL 04-2018, and Coast Guard Special Operations Course (CGSOC) CL 27-2018 was held last March 22 at PCG Gymnasium, Binondo, Manila.

The 68 graduates of EODC is composed of 39 students from Philippine National Police , 27 from Philippine Coast Guard, one from Philippine Army, and one from Presidential Anti-Smuggling Task Force. Meanwhile, 29 students of BUSOC ,12 students of CGSOC; 12 students of CGCTC; and 10 students of TWPC composed the group of graduates.

As the guest of honor and speaker, PCG commandant Admiral Elson E Hermogino assisted by the Commander of Special Operations Force, Captain Edgardo T Hernando, presented the various awards in different category to the students who showed their excellency and determination during their studies and rigid training.

The CG Special Operation Force Award of Excellence was awarded to Police Senior Inspector Roel Sison PNP, Police Officer-1 Anabel Domingo PNP and PO3 Ronnel Daganta PCG for being the top 3 of EODC CL 03-18; the Commander CG Special Operation Force Award of Distinction and Award of Excellence was awarded to Seaman First Class Benedict Bugarin PCG and Apprentice Seaman Joseph Estrada PCG for being the highest and second in academic and non-academic of CGSOC CL 27-18; and the Director CG Special Operations School Award of Distinction was awarded to ASN Estrada and ASN Dennis Alcanzado PCG for being the highest in a class of 41 from CGSOC CL 27-18.

Likewise, the Commander CGSOF Award was given to ASN Nelvin Cabildo after performing 4,825 proper push-ups in six hours during the contest for the “Search for an Iron Man” for CGSOC CL of 27-18.

The Plaque of Appreciation was also given to Manila Police District and PNP EOD Pasay City for the invaluable services that they rendered to the students during the conduct of class lecture and practicals at CGSOF.

The joint convening ceremony of EODC CL 04-2019, TWPC CL 05-2019 and CGSOC CL 29-2019 was then followed after the said graduation.