PCG: The Office of the Deputy Chief of Coast Guard Staff for Maritime Security Services (CG-14) organized a one-day Law of the Sea Seminar 2019 at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) Complex, Pasay City, yesterday 09 May.

The main objective of the seminar is to bring together Coast Guard personnel assigned in Maritime Security Command (MARSEC), selected Operational Support Units, Coast Guard Districts and Coast Guard Education and Training Command (CGETC) Advance Leadership Management Course students to appraise them of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) provisions particularly those related to PCG’s functions.

Captain Glenda T Pereyra, the Deputy Chief of Coast Guard Staff for Maritime Security Services, CG-14, warmly welcomed the participants. Captain Pereyra in her welcome remarks said that with the pressing maritime issues as well as rising territorial conflicts on West Philippine Sea (WPS), the Philippines is challenge to enforce laws at sea and safeguard the national interest while promoting peace and security in the region. She further added that with the sensitivity of the issues on disputed maritime jurisdiction, the PCG personnel being law enforcers must be conversant of international legal provisions in order to protect the country’s sovereignty and sovereign rights while promoting good order at sea.

Commander Donette A Dolina, Chief of Staff, Coast Guard Internal Affairs Service was invited to discuss Maritime Zones of Jurisdiction Under Sovereignty and Sovereign Rights and Fisheries and Marine Scientific Research. Likewise, Lieutenant Commander Mayette M Mendoza, Discipline, Law and Order Officer of the Office of the Deputy Chief of Coast Guard Staff for Human Resource Management, CG-1, presented the International Maritime Law and Law of the Sea and International Law Considerations in Maritime Regulation and Enforcement.

In his remarks during the closing ceremony, Rear Admiral Joselito F Dela Cruz, the Acting Commander, Maritime Security Command emphasized that PCG personnel must be aware with the current situation in the WPS. He further stated that the PCG is an emerging new force in the region and the term “Coast Guard” is now being adopted worldwide to expound that there should be an agency which sole responsibility is the enforcement of Maritime laws different from Navies of other state, and that the presence of a Coast Guard ship means Maritime Law Enforcement.

He also added that with the emerging issues, there should be guidelines when PCG Vessels patrol the WPS, hence, the Command will be reviewing all Maritime Security related policies for amendments and improvements which shall be benefitted by those PCG personnel assigned aboardship.