CEBU, Philippines (27 June 2019)- Coast Guard District Central Visayas (CGDCV) Quick Reponce Team (QRT) rendered assistance to the 12 crew members of a capsized cargo vessel MV “Eva Mary Grace” at Sedc Port in San Fernando, Cebu on June 25.

Initial investigation revealed that MV Eva Mary Grace capsized when a swell hit the ship while a crane was lifting bags of cement which caused it to tilt and eventually to capsize.

The team rescued the crane operator identified as Mr Manuel Incarnacion, who was left inside the vessel when it submerged into the water. Mr Incarnacion incurred injuries and was immediately rushed to South General Hospital in Naga City, Cebu.

CGDCV also dispatched Marine Environmental Protection personnel to check for the possible oil spill in the area.

The other crew members were in good physical condition.