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SULU, Philippines (03 November 2019). – Philippine Coast Guard rendered assistance to the distressed individuals who were rescued at vicinity waters off Tapul Island, Sulu yesterday afternoon.

A certain Mr. Butch Yusop appeared at Coast Guard Sub-Station (CGSS) Siasi informing that there were distressed persons rescued at the said area and were immediately brought to Siasi Municipal Hospital for immediate medical attention.

Upon receipt of the report, personnel of CGSS Siasi proceeded to the hospital to verify the veracity of the report.

Investigation disclosed that last 31 Oct, 13 persons onboard a rented motorbanca Merilyn departed Brgy. Alupangkoh, Parang, Sulu bound for Languyan, Tawi-Tawi and while navigating at vicinity waters between Manang Kalat Island and Bubuan Island, Sulu on 01 Nov, they encountered a sudden squall causing the motorbanca to subsequently capsize and to drift towards Tapul Island.

Nine survivors were rescued by a passing unknown motorbanca identified as Jawari Bahang, 46 years old; Erwina Musa, 41 y/o; Manis Abdul Gafar, 33 y/o; Nursilyn Bahang, 28 y/o; Jamal Bahang 27 y/o; Delima Abdul Gafar, 27 y/o; Ping Ping Amil, 22 y/o; Nurhamin Abdul Gafar; and Aldemar Abdul Gafar at vicinity waters off Tapul and were subsequently brought to Siasi, Sulu while four individuals unfortunately died.

As of press time, personnel of CGSS Siasi proceeded at the incident area to conduct retrieval operation.