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PCG: A total of 18 local tourists in Boracay were rescued last Monday when their motor boat was capsized by strong wind and waves at the vicinity waters of Magic Island, Caticlan, Aklan. 

M/Bca Shingley 4 was reportedly underway from Crystal Cove to Tabon shoreline when the incident occurred.

The personnel of Coast Guard Sub-Station (CGSS) Boracay immediately dispatched its Deployable Response Team (DRT) and upon arrival at the area, discovered that the passengers were already rescued by Shingley speedboat and Red Coral catamaran. 

One of the victims was brought to Caticlan Baptist Hospital for medical consultation and was later transferred by her parents to Panay Health Care Multi-Purpose Cooperative for further medical treatment. 

Meanwhile, all of the rescued passengers were safely brought to the shoreline and were assisted by the Coast Guard and Shingley Tours staff as they returned to their respective hotels.

M/Bca Shingley 4 was towed by M/Bca CBTMPC Mermaid, with the assistance of M/Bca Los Amigos, to Tabon Baybay for proper disposition with the owner. 

CGSS Boracay advised the master of said motor boat to file a Marine Protest and Certificate of Seaworthiness from the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA).