Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) Commandant, CG Admiral Artemio M Abu has directed all Coast Guard units nationwide to ensure the readiness of its personnel, land vehicles, and floating assets for deployment in anticipation of the increase in maritime-related activities these Lenten and Summer seasons.

During the Monday flag-raising ceremony at the National Headquarters, Port Area, Manila this morning, 28 March 2022, CG Admiral Abu said all PCG floating assets and equipment must be at the highest level of preparedness to respond properly to possible emergencies at sea.

Additional K9 units, medical teams, and deployable response groups on major seaports shall also be dispatched to increase Coast Guard visibility, manage port passengers, and oversee maritime traffic.

Moreover, CG Admiral Abu ordered the deployment of additional harbor and coastal patrollers to aid in the enforcement of maritime safety and security measures. According to the Coast Guard Commandant, this is to establish and maintain systematized operations of sea transport facilities.

PCG officers and personnel have also been directed to extend assistance to the riding public and ensure their compliance with the minimum public health standards.

Meanwhile, District Commanders have been tasked to augment personnel and operational requirements of PCG stations in major seaports and tourist destinations such as Boracay, Palawan, Coron, Cebu, and Bohol.

CG Admiral Abu said PCG units shall also necessitate the 24/7 availability of a sufficient number of lifeguards, rescue equipment, and first aid facilities in major tourist destinations. Maritime advisories and notices to stakeholders shall also be communicated promptly through information drives and other available communication platforms.

“This is our commitment to the Filipino nation — that the PCG is here to enforce regulations for the promotion safety of life and properties at sea. This is our responsibility in service to humanity," CG Admiral Abu expressed.