The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) Station Cavite assisted 21 passengers of a capsized motorbanca at the vicinity waters off Corregidor Island yesterday, 16 July 2021.

Through the report of a concerned citizen regarding the distressed situation of MBCA LADY TRICIA assisted by fishing banca, YUMINISA, the PCG Station Cavite immediately deployed its response team to render necessary assistance on board land vehicles enroute to Barangay Amaya 7, Tanza, Cavite.

Upon arrival, the PCG response team checked the health status of all rescued individuals, who manifested they were all in good physical condition. After health assessment, the team conducted initial investigation about the maritime incident.

According to the owner and one of the passengers of the capsized motorbanca, 37-year-old Delfin Mabesa, they departed Barangay Wawa 2, Rosario, Cavite at around 10:00 am enroute to Corregidor Island for leisure swimming.

After such, they departed Corregidor Island at 03:30 pm enroute back to Rosario, Cavite.

Unfortunately, MBCA LADY TRICIA encountered engine trouble and was battered by big waves, causing it to capsize. Fishing banca, YUMINISA was transiting said vicinity waters and immediately rescued all passengers. 

After the initial investigation, the PCG Station Cavite ferried the 21 rescued individuals from Amaya 7, Tanza to Barangay Wawa 2, Rosario, Cavite where they were received by barangay officials for further assistance.