The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) and Japan Coast Guard (JCG) have conducted joint communication and anti-piracy exercises in Sibutu Passage, Tawi-Tawi on 18 November 2021.

Joining the said initiative were BRP Bagacay (MRRV-4410) and BRP Malamawi (FPB-2403) from the PCG, and JCGS Tsugaru (PLH-02) with its carrier helicopter from the JCG.

Upon arrival at the vicinity waters, the PCG and JCG performed radio communication between the JCG helicopter and PCG vessels. An anti-piracy operation was also demonstrated wherein the JCG helicopter searched for suspicious boats and reported them to the PCG and JCG through vessel communication. The said initiative served as an opportunity for the PCG and JCG to discuss best practices and learn from each other.

The joint maritime exercise enhanced the synergy between the Philippines and Japan in relation to maritime affairs. It allowed the PCG and JCG to improve collaboration in response to maritime incidents and towards the development of anti-piracy programs. This is to ultimately promote maritime security and maritime safety, and enhance law enforcement interoperability in the country’s maritime jurisdiction.