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Notice is hereby given to all mariners and other parties concerned that:

1. Reference: Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between the Department of Science and Technology - Advance Science and Technology Institute (DOST-ASTI) and Philippine Coast Guard – Maritime Safety Services Command (PCG – MSSC) for the Development and deployment of a Low-Cost and Locally Designed Meteorological Buoy (METBOUY).

2. Newly installed two (2) Metreological Buoy are located at vicinity waters of Aborlan, Palawan and Matnog, Sorsogonand located at the following coordinates:


Latitude Longitude 
 Site A- Aborlan, Palawan 
 09 degs 35 mins 13.6 secs North   118 degs 37 mins 50.8 secs East
 Site B- Matnog,Sorsogon  12 degs 32 mins 10.3 secs North   124 degs 06 mins 44.2 secs East 

3. Said METBOUYS are equipped with radio beacon and visible thru Radar fix at range 4 NM to 5 NM from its position/location with characteristic Flashing yellow every five (5) seconds.

4. In this connection, all ships/watercrafts transiting the vicinity of the above-mentioned areas are advised to take note of the information and take necessary precautionary measures. 

5. The cooperation of all concerned in effecting widest dissemination of this information is requested.