Notice is hereby given to all mariners and other parties concerned that:

1. Reference: Letter from Commander, Coast Guard Fleet dated September 03, 2015 received from email on September 04, 2015.

2. The Coast Guard Operation (CGSOG) through the Special Operation Training School (SOTS) is currently conducting the Basic Underwater Special Operation Course Class 24-15 aboard Cavite Buoy Base, Sangley Point, Cavite City. The said class is composed of four (4) officers and twenty six (26) Non-officers.

3. The class is currently on their Motivation Phase Part of the said phase is the Qualification Swim wherein the trainees are required to cross the adjacent waters off vicinity Breakwater, Manila Bay and Sangley Point, Cavite City by swimming from 05:00 A.M. to 12:00 N.N. on September 04, 2015. The said activity will be supervised by SOG training staff onboard aluminum and rubber boats for safety and security of the trainees. The area or positions covered by the activity area as following:

Point A Latitude   14 degs  34  mins 42 secs  North Longitude 120 degs  58  mins 30 secs  East 
Point B Latitude   14 degs  33  mins 12 secs  North Longitude 120 degs  58  mins 36 secs  East 
Point C Latitude   14 degs  29  mins 30 secs  North Longitude 120 degs  55  mins 24 secs  East 
Point D Latitude   14 degs  30  mins 06 secs  North Longitude 120 degs  55  mins 00 secs  East

4. In this connection, all ships/watercrafts transiting the vicinity of the above-mentioned areas are advised to take note of the information and take necessary precautionary measures at all times.

5. The cooperation of all concerned in effecting widest dissemination of this information is requested.