Notice is hereby given to all mariners and other parties concerned that:

1. Reference: Letter from Mr. Robert J. Goold General Manager of Logistic/Marketing Inc. dated April 20, 2016.

2. Fugro Singapore Pte Ltd. (ONSHORE GEOTECHNICS), have been contracted by FGEN LNG CORPORATION to undertake a Nearshore Geotechnical and Geophysical Investigation Work Study for their Batangas LNG Terminal in Batangas Bay. 

3. The Two (2) local support vessels (KEVLACAT AND 460 DORY) WILL BE DEPLOYED IN Batangas Bay starting week of May 05 to 10, 2016 and “FLAT TOP BARGE SANDPIPER (FPS49.9-6)” and “TUGBOAT ASL GLORY” will be deployed in Batangas Bay starting week of May 16, 2016 for more or less six (6) weeks if sea and weather Coordinates below are the survey areas: 

Point Latitude Longitude
1.0 121° 01’ 49.11” East 13° 46’ 07.26” North
2.0 122° 01’ 41.00” East 13° 45’ 55.89” North
3.0 121° 02’ 07.62” East 13° 45’ 53.54” North
4.0 121° 01’ 59.97“ East 13° 45’ 42.83” North

3. In this connection, all ships/watercrafts transiting the vicinity of the above-mentioned information and absent collision and crossing interference at all times. To avoid any maritime incident and to remind all vessels to take extra precautionary measures at all times.

4. The cooperation of all concerned in effecting widest dissemination of this information is requested.