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Notice is hereby given to all mariners and other parties concerned that:

1. Reference: Coast Guard District Central Visayas Radio Message Cite CGDCV D8-0916-008.

2. The Navigational Buoy Installed at the South Cebu Channel notably CB-2A (Starboard Lateral Hand Mark) with coordinates as read Latitude 20 degs 14 mins 06.0 sec North, Longitude 123 degs 53 mins 13.8 secs is amended to read Latitude 10 degs 14 mins 06.6 secs North, Longitude 123 degs 53 mins 23.8 secs East.

3. In this connection, all ships/watercrafts transiting the vicinity of the above-mentioned coordinates are advised to take note of the information and take necessary precautionary measures at all times.

4. The cooperation of all concerned in effecting widest dissemination of this information is requested.