Notice is hereby given to all mariners and other parties concerned that:

1. Reference: Letter from Mr. Robert Kraft, Director, Subsea Operations dated 25 November 2017.

2. Navigea Ltd, is an international exploration and survey organization operating the Research Vessel Petrel, currently at sea in Surigao Strait will undertake a sonar and video survey of the WW2 wrecks in the Surigao Strait and Ormoc Bay in collaboration with Philippine National Museum, MARINA and the City of Surigao and the City of Ormoc. The said survey will start from November 29, 2017 to December 05, 2017. The limit of the areas is bounded by the following coordinates:

10° 50.768’ North 124° 30.447’ East
10° 57.908’ North 124° 35.404’ East
10° 49.016’ North 124° 43.933’ East
10° 48.417’ North 124° 31.381’ East

3. In this connection all ships/watercrafts transiting the vicinity of the above-mentioned areas are advised to take note of the information and take necessary precautionary measures. 

4. The cooperation of all concerned in effecting the widest dissemination of this information is requested.