The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) responded to a maritime incident involving a distressed motorbanca with six passengers on board at the vicinity waters off Basul Island, Surigao City yesterday, 04 April 2021.

While underway, the PCG team sighted transiting motorbanca, MBCA LEO that successfully conducted rescue operations.

They coordinated the towing of the distressed boat before escorting MBCA LEO to the shoreline of Punta Bilang-Bilang Basin located at Barangay Taft, Surigao City for further assistance to the rescued individuals.

Upon arrival, they were provided with medical assistance before undergoing investigation.

According to the rescued individuals, they departed from Barangay Washington enroute to Barangay Danawan, Surigao City when they encountered huge waves that battered their boat, causing it to submerge in water.