The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) rescued 12 passengers and the boat captain of a capsized motorbanca at the vicinity waters off Sangley Point, Cavite City yesterday, 05 April 2021.

On board PCG-manned BFAR vessel, MCS-3001, PCG personnel provided necessary assistance to ensure the safety of the passengers, three of whom were minors, and the boat captain.

According to the rescued individuals, they departed from Cavite City enroute to Pulang Lupa 1, Las Piñas City when their boat was battered by huge waves, causing it to capsize.

MCS-3001 was conducting seaborne patrol at said vicinity waters when the incident occurred. Hence, immediate rescue assistance was provided.

Personnel of the PCG Station Cavite augmented the rescue operations by providing health check-up to ensure all passengers, especially the minors, were in good physical condition.

Upon arrival at the nearest shoreline, the rescued individuals were ferried to their respective homes on board a designated Coast Guard land mobility vehicle.