Joint law enforcement operatives seized a MOTORBANCA loaded with 70 CASES OF SMUGGLED CIGARETTES at the vicinity waters off Layag-Layag, Zamboanga City at around 03:21 a.m. yesterday, 08 July 2021.

While conducting maritime patrol, BRP Bagacay (MRRV-4410) boarded motorbanca, DYNASTY with four crew members on board, identified as 35-year-old Karbi Askalani, 32-year-old Benhar Saraba, 28-year-old Ridzkan Hussin, and 26-year-old Radzman Baltapa. The smuggled items were found on board during routine inspection.

The motorbanca was towed to Zamboanga City International Port (ZCIP) for further investigation. Upon arrival, joint law enforcement operatives unloaded the smuggled items for inventory and documentation.

The PCG K9 Force also conducted paneling inspection to determine if the boxes containing smuggled items also had narcotics substances and/or improvised explosive device (IED) components inside. Said inspection yielded negative results.

The anti-smuggling operation was made successful through the cooperation of the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) Intelligence Group – Southwestern Mindanao, PCG Station Zamboanga, BRP Bagacay (MRRV-4410), PCG Sub-Station Cawit, Special Operations Unit – Southwestern Mindanao, PCG K9 Force, and the BOC.

The PCG and BOC work in enhancing border control to prevent customs fraud, smuggling, human trafficking, and other illegal activities within the country’s waters.