Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) Commandant, CG Admiral Artemio M Abu, has joined the ASEAN COAST GUARD AND MARITIME LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES MEETING 2022, held in Bali, Indonesia, from 22 to 23 November 2022.

CG Admiral Abu and his fellow heads of Coast Guard counterparts in Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam reaffirmed their pledge to serve as DRIVING FORCES in advocating peace, security, safety, stability, prosperity, and friendship in the ASEAN region.

They also recognized the need to enhance mutual trust, strengthen the connection, and improve cooperation among Coast Guards in upholding regional maritime security and maritime safety.

Moreover, ASEAN Coast Guards agreed to initiate more meetings, capacity-development initiatives, and exchanges of visit to boost the association's information sharing mechanisms and confidence-building measures.

"This initiative is timely and important in light of the current challenges in the region's maritime environment. We are optimistic that the ASEAN cooperation will translate into a strong commitment to counter illegal activities at sea and protect the marine environment," the Coast Guard Commandant expressed.Β 

"Information sharing on smuggling, illegal drugs transport, human trafficking, and illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing is crucial in the region's efforts to maintain law and order at sea," CG Admiral Abu furthered.

The meeting ended with the signing of the ASEAN COAST GUARD DECLARATION that formalized the association's commitment to promoting peaceful, safe, and secure ASEAN seas.

The Indonesian Maritime Security Agency (Bakamla) organized the said meeting. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) Global Maritime Crime Program co-sponsored the event.

In the second quarter of 2023, the PCG will host the Expert's Working Group Meeting of ASEAN Coast Guards.

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr, National Security Adviser, Dr. Clarita Carlos, and Department of Transportation (DOTr) Secretary Jaime Bautista lauded the PCG for its successful and productive participation in the ASEAN Coast Guard and Maritime Law Enforcement Agencies Meeting 2022.