The Philippine Coast Guard, in accordance with the Convention of Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS), is the national maritime search and rescue service of the country. The Coast Guard Action Center (CGAC) at the PCG Headquarters in Manila, by virtue of the current functions and facilities, serves as the coordinating centers for all search and rescue operations. The twelve Coast Guard Districts are designated as Maritime Rescue Coordinating Council (MRCC) within their areas of responsibility while the 59 Coast Guard Stations are designated as Maritime Rescue Sub-Centers (MRSC). The detachments under these stations are designated as SAR units.

The PCG’s SAR organization maintains constantly-manned watch centers that operate 24 hours a day, continuously monitoring distress frequencies and conducting coastal foot and seaborne patrol within their area of responsibility. There is at least one division or squadron of Coast Guard Auxiliary in each MRSC where watch can be set and assistance can be obtained when required. Likewise, at least one Deployable Response Team composed of Special Operations Group, Medical Team, K-9 and rescue swimmers is organized at  each Coast Guard District or MRCC which can be dispatched immediately to any maritime and land base search and rescue operations.